You can’t: why business literature doesn’t work for everyone

You CAN’t: Why Business Literature Doesn’t Work for Everyone ©

The popularity of business literature borders on the popularity of Britney Spears at the beginning of the 2000s: on Instagram, quotes from these books etched any photograph of a person in airpods, in books these books occupy a shelf with the words "best seller", and another billionaire from Forbes advises to read dozens of such books in order to get one step closer to the dream.

In fact, everything is a little different: you start reading business literature in order to understand some kind of "secret algorithm" that will lead you to double your profit within a month after opening your own business, and you get nothing. Well, except for the replenishment of the vocabulary and (in places) a giggle from each failure of a pulp fiction hero.

Many readers of business literature will defend authors and thank them for every word a writer gives. But how many of these people will truly become successful businessmen?

Why business literature doesn’t work for everyone

Affects a sense of superiority

Surely you noticed that business literature lovers often behave much more arrogant than ordinary people from the streets who do not pronounce the mantra of success in the mirror in the morning. They do not agree to work with decent pay and believe that companies owe them (provided that they do not have the slightest experience in the field, and all that companies can offer is their own ego).

Those who are addicted to these books should finally believe that with mantras and success alone they will never achieve anything.

What is more effective than reading? Real work. Your industry experience and actual savings will lead you to success much faster than blind faith in the promise of space. Probably.

Inspires high expectations

Business literature is built on success stories that certainly happened after a couple of setbacks. Or larger failure pairs. This makes millenials consider dismissal not a cause of poor performance, but a test of fate. They lock themselves at home and begin to bet on the Internet, which leads to debts, loans and an unstable financial situation. When the Universe does not give a trained express business any chance, he quickly recalls that there was hard work between failure and success and he has to return to the very beginning.

Creates the illusion of education

By mistake, business literature is perceived as a full-fledged course in a business school. There is a small nuance: literature should be not only educational, but also sold. This requires a bit of gesturing, adding unexpected twists and lots of lyrics flavored with psychological portraits that inspire confidence.

So, do not read?

You do not become an ingenious ballerina after watching the ballet and are not ready to fly into space after a couple of films about astronauts. It's time to admit this and not to dust your brains with motivational quotes (unless, of course, they are for dust in the eye).

The verdict of business literature: you can read, the main thing is not to imagine that tomorrow you wake up with a pool of gold coins, like Scrooge McDuck.

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