Work clothes to increase productivity

Work clothes to increase productivity

Many of us, in connection with quarantine, joined the ranks of freelancers. Someone misses the coffee machine from the office and conversations with co-workers, while someone had to wake up later than usual. In any case, for many, this is a completely new experience, which not everyone was ready for.

Productivity may decrease primarily because you (perhaps) work in bed, which psychologists do not advise. But small key factors can also play a role. Experts who work at home argue that if you continue to do your morning routine, then productivity will not fall, and in some cases even increase.


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So choose clothes in which you can work without losing productivity, otherwise you will suddenly receive a Skype call while sitting in flannel pajamas. And upon completion of work, you can immediately change into home clothes, flop down on the sofa and relax until the next morning.

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Work clothes to increase productivity

Classic suit. If you got a suit for work, why not use it at home? This will keep you and your thoughts in a more “assembled” state, which will help to concentrate more on work. Cozy dress. This is a more comfortable, easy and creative option. But in spite of all its convenience, it will help to give a signal to the brain that you need to collect your thoughts and start working. Shirt. By combining it with jeans or a skirt, you can not worry that you will need to contact someone via video link and look presentable. Comfort. Wear comfortable pants or leggings and a spacious T-shirt to feel comfortable. It is important that these are not the things that you usually spend time at home. Small parts. You can wear a regular sweater with jeans, but add accessories (earrings, watches, a ribbon to your hair, etc.) or, for example, focus on your lips.

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