Women's tricks: what colors will make you beauty in 40 years

A woman at any age can look young and stylish, attract the eyes of men, evoke the approval of relatives and friends. To do this, you need to know how to apply yourself, what colors of clothes will make you younger, what makeup and hair color are right for you. Use small female tricks, and be irresistible.

Anti-aging shades of hair

A woman should always look after herself, especially when the age is no longer young, a treacherous gray hair appears in her hair.

In these cases, it is necessary to tint the hair, but radically changing the image is not recommended. An experiment for women over 40 is completely undesirable.

Of course, there is no universal hair color that will make everyone younger. Each woman has her own type of face, skin color.

But, you can lose a few years of your age only by dyeing your hair with a dye 2-3 colors lighter than your natural color.


A lighter tone of hair will help facial skin look refreshed, rejuvenated.

The technique of dyeing hair highlighting gives the hair a liveliness, a beautiful healthy shine. It can be taken into service if you want to rejuvenate.

Careful color selection of clothes

When a woman is over 40, you need to carefully approach the choice of colors for clothes. Elegant age dictates restrained shades of colors.


The woman in dresses and suits of light tones looks gracefully: cream blue, mint, lavender color. Turquoise color gives the skin radiance and freshness.


Lovers of bright colors should be advised to use them in several shaded versions. The graceful style of clothing, combined with the right color scheme, gives status to the whole look, and at the same time visually reduces age.


The right accessories

Wardrobe women perfectly complement the right accessories. They simply have to look perfect, not to give overloaded with bright decor.


Jewelry should be selected elegant, bulky jewelry, a sign of bad taste. It is better to have one worthy set with natural stones than to be hung with cheap jewelry.

The created image should be stylish, emphasize individuality.

Discreet Makeup

When women are over 40, makeup should visually wash wrinkles from the face, smooth the skin, even out the tone. The skin of the face will acquire a wonderful radiance and a healthy young look. Be sure to use corrective and foundation.


The line of lips, with age, loses clarity. The use of a contour pencil will indicate a clear contour, will create the effect of youth. A correctly selected lipstick, 2-3 tones lighter than the one you used before, in combination with corrective pencils can give the lips the volume and swelling effect that is characteristic of young women.


At this age, it is necessary to draw a line of eyebrows with a pencil 2 shades darker than the natural color of your eyebrows, and slightly tint the tips of the eyelashes with mascara, because they burn out and seem less long.

And what should be abandoned categorically, so from shadows. They give women of elegant age a touch of girlish vulgarity.

For women, with the help of competent discreet make-up, wipe off the face for several years. Well-dyed hair, elegant clothes of light color, complemented by decent accessories, will create an image of an elegant, young person.

And how do you manage to look younger than your age? Share with us in the comments what colors help you to instantly rejuvenate.

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