Women's beauty should illuminate the world in any weather: 15 ideas with what to wear a skirt in winter

Female beauty should illuminate the world in any weather and under any circumstances. And the cold winter is not a reason to abandon skirts. But with what to wear them in the winter is a big question.

Looks great short skirt with high boots over the knee boots.

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Older women are advised to choose a coat just below their knees as outerwear.

Stylish oversize will be appropriate here. A large warm sweater, possibly of a large knit, goes well with a skirt below the knees. Shoes can be absolutely any. High boots with a small heel, stiletto ankle boots or a comfortable low stroke – it all depends on your rhythm of life preferences.

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Pretty comfortable and stylish, and most importantly you will be warm in cool weather in a long coat. Such a style, as shown in the photo below is the trend of the coming years. Add to it tall, wide boots and a skirt just above the knee. The color scheme is rather light: beige or light brown.

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Take a look at the following photo, please.

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Did you think that sheepskin coats have not been worn for a long time? You are deeply mistaken. A long warm coat made of tanned leather with natural fur is the most chic of modern fashion. In combination with platform shoes or a man's style, such a coat creates a completely unusual look. The highlight will be a long, almost to the toe, skirt.

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Winter is good because this time of year is completely unpredictable. You can be just as unpredictable. A motley skirt in a large flower or a multi-colored pattern – does not look out of place at all in cold weather. On the contrary, it reminds you and others about summer, warmth and sunshine.

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A light sweater, possibly made of fine wool, will complement the image. A coat that covers high boots with its long floors is suitable as outerwear. You kind of hide your own summer from the cold, protecting it from heat, ready at any moment to open your coat and let it out. Such an image seems playful and unusual. More suitable for young girls and merry persons, far from serious reality.

what to wear with a skirt in winter photo 2https://www.instagram.com/12storeez/what to wear with a skirt in winter photo 1https://www.instagram.com/12storeez/Winter skirts 2020 photo 4https://www.instagram.com/shortstoriesandskirts/

For women who are accustomed to looking not just comfortable, but chic skin – the best option.

A leather skirt or a good substitute for a plain skirt, leather high boots and a classic cashmere coat are the perfect look for a successful lady. If weather permits, the coat can be replaced with a short jacket, as shown in the following photo.

what to wear with a skirt in winter 2020 photo 16https://www.instagram.com/lolariostyle/

If you are a lover of wool, don't be upset. Designers have something in store for you. The next trend of the coming year will be just woolen elements in clothes.

So, for example, the combination of leather and wool looks very stylish, if you choose the right texture. A warm knitted sweater perfectly complements a long scarf that matches the color and material. But a skirt is best combined according to the same principle with shoes and a bag. A coat or jacket in this case is not critical. The main thing is that they fit the color scheme and complement the image, and not destroy it.

what to wear with a skirt in winter 2020 photo 13https://www.instagram.com/lolariostyle/what to wear with a skirt in winter 2020 photo 7https://www.instagram.com/mint_label_/what to wear with a skirt in winter 2020 photo 6https://www.instagram.com/mint_label_/what to wear with a sweater in autumn 2019 photo 2https://www.instagram.com/ilovestreetstyle/

What rules do you follow when compiling a winter wardrobe and what do you consider unacceptable. We would be interested to know your opinion. Perhaps you have created the perfect style. So share it with the rest. Someone will definitely take your advice.

What do you think, dear readers, is it worth observing fashionable rules in severe frosts? Do you follow fashion trends? Or is your main rule convenience and comfort?

Please write in the comments with what you wear skirts in winter and whether you wear them at all.

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