Winter sports style 2019-2020: images for active girls

Active girls prefer sporty style even in cold winter. Today is not at all boring. Bright and gentle tones, original styles and the most harmonious combinations are in fashion. What kind? Look further.

winter sports style 2019 photo 7

It turns out that a fur coat combines quite well with things of a sports type. Take a look at this image. Soft fabrics and a similar style create an amazing combination of a winter bow.

winter sports style 2019 photo 12

And here you can see the contrast. Black goes well with gray, and successfully complements the appearance.

winter sports style 2019 photo 11

Short sweaters and blouses are still in fashion. Fashionistas who want to slightly open part of the abdomen, such models are perfect in combination with high sports pants. They emphasize harmony.

winter sports style 2019 photo 10

Down jackets – that is forever. For an active pastime – this is an excellent option if you stay on a short model.

winter sports style 2019 photo 9

Leather things are almost a hit of the upcoming season. Leather trousers harmoniously look both with short jackets and long elegant fur coats.

winter sports style 2019 photo 8 sports style 2019 photo 6 sports style 2019 photo 1

Another, no less winning option is a tracksuit combined with a short sheepskin coat. Notice how beautiful this combination is.

winter sports style 2019 photo 5

Leather jackets have been and remain trending. They serve as one of the most convenient ways to create a sports bow. Notes of romanticism adds a bag.

winter sports style 2019 photo 4 sports style 2019 photo 3 to wear sweatpants photo 9

The coat does not concede its place and continues to be at the peak of fashion. Today, girls can no longer imagine their images without him. Sneakers and leggings with a coat are a great alternative to a dress in the cool season. One of the universal prints was and remains a cage. It makes it possible to combine a variety of wardrobe elements.

winter sports style 2019 photo 2 to wear sweatpants photo 7 to wear sweatpants photo 10 to wear sweatpants photo 12

Sports style – this is the maximum comfort and style. Sometimes it’s so useful to put on high heels and put on something really comfortable. This winter offers dozens of new fashion options.

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