Winter coat 2020: stylish styles that will help create an original look

The winter season of the coming 2020 offers a large number of options for fashionable coats: stylish and non-standard in style, diverse in type of materials, with catchy details, they bring to life an original new image.

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Colors and textures of winter coats

The coat is the basic part of the wardrobe, it must be universal, correctly and harmoniously combined with its other elements. Color plays an important role in choosing the right model. After all, you need to look not only beautiful, but also stylish.

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The following colors and shades are trending in the upcoming season of 2020:

classic black; camel; soft milk; lilac; options for gray tones, melange; red shades: scarlet, wine, burgundy; pale pink, powdery and other gentle pastel colors.

The color palette of winter clothes for the new season of 2020 is democratic and diverse.

Coat winter with fur 2020 photo 1 rita.tesla

The invoices of materials used by modern designers are:

natural traditional fabrics; quilted with interesting and original patterns; soft and warm cashmere; genuine leather and fur; a new trend is the multi-texture weaving of materials. Coat winter with fur 2020 photo 11 winter with fur 2020 photo 10 winter with fur 2020 photo 7 winter with fur 2020 photo 8 coat 2020 photo 4 winter with fur 2020 photo 9

Winter coat length

A coquettish version of the coat is made of tweed, wool and mixed fabrics trimmed with fur with a shortened length. The decoration is complemented by embroidery and original inserts. Spectacular models with finishes to match the main fabric and contrasting fur decor.

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A midi coat with fur in the trend of 2020 is, as a rule, a fitted option with a fluffy collar, at the same time, fur trim along the entire length of the outfit is possible.

Coat winter with fur 2020 photo 4 winter with fur 2020 photo 6

Coat styles winter 2020

Shortened models are mostly loose or straight in style, semi-fitted or with a trapezoid silhouette, complemented by a hood. Oversize models are very popular. Longer silhouettes of winter coats, usually with a belt, straight or fitted.

Coat with a hood 2020 photo 1 winter with fur 2020 photo 5

In the coming season, coats with fur successfully compete with natural fur coats and sheepskin coats, their styles are presented in a wide variety.

And what coat do you, our dear readers, prefer in the winter season? Write in the comments what clothes warm you during severe frosts.

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