Winter business style: 17 of the most fashionable and warmest looks 2019-2020

With the onset of winter, it is very difficult to look stylish and at the same time feel comfortable. It's cold outside, it's warm inside the office. How to dress so as not to freeze and not steam?

We have compiled for you a selection of the most stylish business images of the winter 2019-2020.

Winter business style 2019 photo 9

An excellent choice for a winter wardrobe is a “throat” sweater. Not too fat to fit into pants. Use a stylish belt that is perfect for trousers.

Winter business style 2019 photo 8

A coat of medium length is suitable as outerwear. A fashionable cell in a beige-brown gamut will harmonize very well with clothes of a light brown or beige color.

Winter business style 2019 photo 6

Replace your coat and trousers with a trouser suit with a jacket. A warm tucked sweater becomes an integral attribute of the 2019 winter business style.

If you value personality in an image, take a sweater with elongated sleeves, so that they look a little out from under the jacket. Do the same with the collar – leave it unclipped.

Winter business style 2019 photo 7

If you are a balanced business woman who is rationally managing her time, try adding a wrap coat to your wardrobe. They look chic with skinny trousers or tall narrow boots. High leather gloves will complete the winter look.

Winter business style 2019 photo 5

No less stylish looks a wide sweater with rolled up sleeves, from under which blouse sleeves are visible. To this top culottes are perfect. Their length varies from the middle of the calf to a length just above the ankle.

Winter business style 2019 photo 4

As you can see in the photo below, the ideal version of shoes to this image is high boots, the shafts of which are hidden under wide trouser legs.

In addition to trousers in the trend in the winter of 2019, a narrow pencil skirt and a wide warm sweater tucked into it with the same wide sleeves.

Winter business style 2019 photo 3

Pay attention to the following photo. Sleeves have a wide elastic band, thanks to which they can be lifted and made shorter.

The image is gentle, airy and at the same time remains within the business style.

Winter business style 2019 photo 2 business style 2019 photo 1 winter trends 2020 com for 40 photos 4 business style 2019 for women 40-50 years old photo 7 business style 2019 for women 40-50 years old photo 12

A long skirt this winter will warm you well in cold weather and looks elegant and stylish. In combination with a white slim sweater or turtleneck, white boots made of genuine or faux leather look great.

Winter business style 2019 for women 40-50 years old photo 11

A stylish black coat will complete the perfect winter look.

Winter business style 2019 photo 11

Winter business style 2019 photo 10

We shape our own style. Choose wardrobe elements that are convenient for you, following simple stylist tips. Looking elegant in winter is not at all difficult.

What garments make up your winter business style? Write in the comments on which image you chose.

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