Winter boots 2020: trending models that you can not resist!

Warm boots are a must have item in every woman’s winter wardrobe. Sometimes their choice turns into a real problem, because you need to choose not only a practical, but also an actual model. We managed to collect the most popular trends of winter 2020.

Emotional focus

Predatory prints so beloved by many women of fashion return to fashion. Feel free to buy shoes with a leopard, snake or zebra pattern. An additional highlight was the embossed texture. At the same time, designers prefer exotic models with accents of caramel and bright red color.

Winter boots 2020 photo 1 women's shoes 2020 photo 1 boots 2019 photo 10 boots 2019 photo 16 boots 2019 photo 9

It is relevant enough that in one pair of shoes different textures, for example, varnish, leather and suede, are combined. One has only to adhere to the rule of combining colors with each other, and also look so that there are no more than 3 shades. In addition, such shoes should be the only bright accent of the image. If you do not adhere to monochrome in the selection of clothes and bags, you can get an overly flashy bow.

Autumn boots 2019 photo 20

Heel and toe: all attention to detail

This season, designers could not agree on what is more fashionable, so when choosing an image, you can choose models of completely different shapes. The sock can be triangular, rounded and even square. As for the height and thickness of the pads, here also every fashionista can find something for herself. Shoes with wedges and low speed remain popular, and as for the studs, they are a win-win classic.

Winter boots 2020 photo 3 boots 2019 photo 19

In this case, it is best to choose boots based on the aspect of practicality and convenience. In conditions of frequent snowfalls and blizzards, the hairpin is clearly inferior to a reliable low speed. A striking squeak of fashion has become a transparent thick heel in combination with a latex upper.

Autumn boots 2019 photo 17 boots 2019 photo 3 boots 2019 photo 4 boots 2019 photo 12

Popular shades and lengths

As for color solutions, the most popular this season will be such tones: Marsala, Bordeaux, beige, as well as blue and red. Those who like to experiment can choose models with metal rivets and chains, which also looks very stylish and original.

Winter women shoes 2020 photo 13 boots 2019 photo 5 women shoes 2020 photo 5 women shoes 2020 photo 4 women shoes 2020 photo 2 boots 2020 photo 8 boots 2020 photo 7 boots 2020 photo 6 boots 2020 photo 5 boots 2020 photo 4 women shoes 2020 photo 8 women shoes 2020 photo 7

Those who prefer accordion boots and the so-called cowboy models can rejoice, because these shoes are again at the peak of popularity. One of its advantages is its versatility, because the “pencil in a glass” style is suitable for women with both thin and plump caviar. You can experiment with the length of the shaft: both long over the knee boots and boots to the middle of the calf remain in fashion.

What winter shoes do you wear? Do you prefer high-heeled over-the-knee boots or warm low boots? Share with us your preferences in the comments, we will be pleased.

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