White scarf – an actual addition to women's dresses: 13 charming ideas

Accessories are indispensable attributes in creating a fashionable image. At their expense, you can significantly diversify your wardrobe and make your style even more expressive.

Women's white scarf is always a topical addition to the outfits that every fashionista should have in her wardrobe.

White scarf in the wardrobe

This versatile accessory is combined with any fabric texture and color. It is important not to make a mistake in choosing a shade, choosing a scarf according to the color of the face. Boiling white is suitable only for “winter”, a cold tone – “fly”, and warmer, barely perceptible tones – “spring” and “autumn”.

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A fresh white scarf will give freshness to the face if it fits snugly to the neck.

White scarf is perfect for business style. Weightless silk scarves, knitted scarves of even relief and stoles perfectly harmonize with the image of a business woman, you just need to wrap them around the neck, hiding the tips.

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Black and white scarf

The classic model, playing on the contrast of two achromats, perfectly combines with any clothing.

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The combination of black, red and white is always perfect, and the checkered patterns are especially elegant.

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Red and white scarf

It looks interesting combination of white with red or its shades, up to burgundy. It will be a bright and impressive accent in your current look.

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White knitted scarf

A warm scarf is an indispensable stylish element in outerwear for the cold period. The most common models are snood (collar), a scarf knitted in volume, including large braids, and a soft fleece scarf.

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How and with what to combine a white scarf

Long models are convenient: they can be used instead of a headdress, wrapped a couple of times around the head, or choose an option such as a scarf collar.


A white scarf with a down jacket will look harmonious, warm and cozy. For a winter look in casual style, this is an accessory that will create a mood for the whole day.

When choosing a white scarf as an accessory to a coat, pay attention to the models made of dense materials made of coarse knitting. The complement in the form of a large knit or decorated with fur scarf with a coat of drape looks great.


A white scarf and a fur coat, like a hat or an elegant addition, go well together, and an option like a silk scarf will emphasize your status.

13 stylish looks with a white scarf

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Women's white scarf gives a special lightness to style, rejuvenates and refreshes the face, helps to create gorgeous fashionable looks every day.

Do you have a white scarf in your wardrobe? Tell us in the comments with what outerwear you combine it.

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