What to wear with a t-shirt: 20 different options for every taste

In the arsenal of absolutely every girl there is such a versatile and comfortable item of clothing, like a T-shirt. The fair sex is so in love with T-shirts that sometimes they do not take them off the whole summer.

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However, not everyone knows what is best with t-shirts, and how to create an image with a t-shirt at the base to look presentable and stylish.

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T-shirt and summer dress

For quite a long time, the image with a denim sundress and a white t-shirt at the base does not go out of fashion. In this dress you can easily go for a walk and even a date. Femininity and sophistication of this image will add you brightness and playfulness. As a supplement to this, sneakers or sandals on a flat sole are perfect.

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T-shirt and denim pants

One of the most versatile and at the same time very bright images for a long time remains a combination of T-shirt and jeans.

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And both jeans and a T-shirt can be completely different. By adding sneakers or sneakers to this outfit, you can create the perfect look in the street style.

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T-shirt and pantsuit

Many women of fashion often associate the concept of "trouser suit" and "classic" together. However, this stereotype has long ceased to exist. In the modern world, an image that combines a loose-fitting trouser suit and a white T-shirt will look incredibly stylish.

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Adding sneakers to this dress, you can become a real street fashionista. By the way, very often such images become favorite among office workers, as they are very comfortable and convenient.

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T-shirt with cardigan and grunge shorts

Modern girls living in big cities value convenience most of all in their clothes. That is why the grunge style is one of the most beloved among beauties from around the world. So, loose denim shorts, a gray T-shirt and a long-knit elongated cardigan will make the image very feminine and fashionable. And the main element of the outfit – the soldiers' boots, will add a little charm to the common piggy bank.

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Midi T-shirt

Not always a T-shirt is a sporty style. Many girls find the courage to combine it with quite elegant and elegant skirts. So, already a legend among fashionable images is an outfit that includes a full midi skirt with a bright print and a white monochrome t-shirt. To make the image not boring and ordinary, it is enough to dilute it with bright accessories and stylish sandals with heels.

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T-shirt with a long skirt bright colors

Sometimes each of us wants to find such a special outfit that will emphasize individuality and make us a real queen. A resident of almost every female wardrobe can help in this — a black T-shirt. To create a trendy look, it is enough to combine this T-shirt with a maxi skirt. It is important that the skirt be bright colors. By adding sandals with woven straps to this one, you can gather millions of enthusiastic views around you.

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T-shirt – a thing absolutely universal. By adding a few basic colors T-shirts to your wardrobe, you can create new, unique looks every day. At the same time, each of the outfits will look like a million dollars. Pleasant is the fact that T-shirts remain in trend, regardless of the season. Buying it once, you can use it for several years.

And which image did you like best? Looking forward to your comments!

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