What to wear in winter 2020: compelling ideas to replenish your wardrobe

Winter is a great time of the year. But how wonderful it is, it is sometimes difficult to find the right wardrobe. Since we are in outerwear on the street, and indoors without it, both images will have to be considered. And so that they were in a similar style. The task will be much easier if you acquire several universal items of clothing that are fashionable in the coming 2020.


Since we choose clothes for winter, the fabric from which the costume is sewn must be dense. You can’t do without trousers. They give a sense of style, comfort and warmth. Classic, straight cut, they are suitable for any shoes and outerwear. To make you feel at ease in any situation, a jacket from such a suit should be comfortable.

What to wear in winter 2020 photo 9https://www.instagram.com/julliamat/What to wear in winter 2020 photo 8https://www.instagram.com/julliamat/

Military style coat

This item of military-style outerwear for women looks much softer than the men's version. In this regard, there you are more fortunate. In combination with a handbag and a designer scarf, a unique stylish image is obtained. With the help of additional elements, you can declare your personality.

Autumn coat photo 5https://www.instagram.com/lolariostyle/Autumn coat photo 4https://www.instagram.com/lolariostyle/Autumn coat photo 3https://www.instagram.com/lolariostyle/

Snow-white clothes

White clothing will help you find unity with nature. You will feel part of it. Since white is the color of positive and forward movement, such an image will delight you with its simplicity and ease. It does not have to be a jacket or coat. Enough white trousers or a hat-scarf kit.

What to wear in winter 2020 photo 4https://www.instagram.com/miamiamine/What to wear in winter 2020 photo 7https://www.instagram.com/miamiamine/What to wear in winter 2020 photo 1https://www.instagram.com/miamiamine/What to wear in winter 2020 photo 2https://www.instagram.com/miamiamine/What to wear in winter 2020 photo 6https://www.instagram.com/miamiamine/

Maxi skirt

An elongated skirt below the knee is another mandatory attribute of every girl in the winter season. It can serve as an excellent alternative to trousers. There are times when a dress code does not allow women to wear trousers. In a long skirt, you won’t be cold, it looks beautiful, and any blouse fits such a skirt.

long skirts of autumn 2019 photo 7https://www.instagram.com/julliamat/https://www.instagram.com/yanafisti/

Fur or fur fragments

To fit in the most harmonious shining winter whiteness, get fur details. It can be a collar or fragments of fur in the form of buboes on a hat or scarf.

What to wear in winter 2020 photo 3https://www.instagram.com/miamiamine/What to wear in winter 2020 photo 5https://www.instagram.com/miamiamine/https://www.instagram.com/newyork_streetstyles/

As you can see, no frost will hinder us from looking stylish, even the most severe.

And what does your winter wardrobe consist of? Write about it in the comments. It would be interesting for us and our readers to learn about this.

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