What to wear for girls with short legs: 10 useful recommendations

Many women face such a problem as disproportion of a figure. And it would be useful for all of us to know how the optical effect of long legs is created and learn to avoid those things that make the legs even shorter.

We have collected for you the recommendations of stylists in this regard.

Monochrome palette

If there are many shades in your image, it turns out that you visually divide your body into color spots. Restrained, simple combinations in the colors of clothes allow you to avoid the contrast, which, visually separating the upper and lower parts of the body, makes the legs look shorter. And this is exactly what should be avoided not only for girls with impaired proportions.

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Such an image would not harm women with too long legs.


The longer the skirt, the lesser part of your legs is visible that, in turn, breaking the silhouette, visually shortens them (with the exception of maxi skirts – length). Therefore, stylists recommend choosing shorter options, miniskirts.


If you are comfortable in a mini – wear, however, it is necessary to take into account not only the length of the legs, but also the shape.

Do not wear shoes with ankle straps

Such a strap visually cuts the leg, further shortening it optically.

In ordinary shoes, the leg is extended to the foot, visually adding a couple of centimeters. Pumps with high thin heels will make your legs even longer.


High heel shoes

Heel will add growth in the very place where it is so necessary. With high-heeled shoes, you can also wear trousers that completely block the entire heel with your trouser legs and make you significantly taller and legs longer and slimmer.


Nude tones

Flesh-colored shoes with the same tights will look great, especially if you additionally pick up a beige skirt. Tights play an important role in creating the effect of long legs. Always choose those that are in harmony with the color of the shoes and the bottom of the clothes.


High boots visually lengthen legs

The visual effect of long legs is created not only by boots, but, mainly, boots are slightly above average length. High classic and knee-high boots are welcomed, the color of which is identical to the color of the skirt. Learn how to combine these two elements of the wardrobe, and forget about your problem forever.

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High waistline

Avoid low-set skirts (trousers) – they attract the eye down, while making the legs visually shorter, prefer models with a high waist. Everything that tends to be as high as possible from the earth is your option.

Winter business style 2019 photo 7https://www.instagram.com/zara__europe/

Do not wear tight pants

Trousers, tight hips, absolutely truthfully show in which place your not the longest legs begin and therefore are strictly contraindicated. Choose straight trousers, as well as striped striped prints. The strip is an ideal assistant in this case, do not neglect its help in the preparation of your wardrobe.


Skirts and dresses maxi length

Maxi-skirts and dresses may well visually lengthen the legs due to the fact that the silhouette as a whole becomes slimmer. And in combination with high waists and high-heeled shoes, the effect will be amazing. You will not recognize yourself.

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Combine a long jacket with a short skirt. With a medium or long skirt, the dress, on the contrary, is preferable to a short top.

Thin long blouses are better to fill in trousers (skirt) or choose their short models.

white shirt with jeans photo 6https://www.instagram.com/andicsinger/white shirt with jeans photo 10https://www.instagram.com/andicsinger/

By adopting these tips, you will choose the right outfits that will add length and beauty to your beautiful legs.

Do not be afraid of a change of image. Take advantage of the above tips and be even more beautiful and sexier.

Write in the comments which of the proposed techniques you intend to use in the visual correction of your figure.

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