What shoes to wear jeans: five alternatives to sneakers and sneakers

Stylists offer girls to move away from a combination of jeans and a sneaker that has been battered for years. You can look stylish and fashionable by putting on different shoes under the jeans. This will create new, unusual images.


With and without heels, with laces, ties and fasteners, sandals, this is what stylists offer for wearing with jeans. Do not be afraid of bright accents, consider the combination of heels and jeans inappropriate. The new look that you created will open the prospect of using sandals that lay with you without finding the appropriate dress.

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Comfortable summer shoes will be at the peak of this season's popularity. Will look great with jeans of any length. Mules with a flat sole, low, high or massive heels go well with long jeans, tucked up at the bottom, and with a shortened version that reveals delicate ankles to the eye.

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Color preferences are very different, as is the design of the upper skin.

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Nothing decorates a woman’s leg and makes her walk so elegant as classic pumps. This is a win-win shoe option with any style of clothing.


Putting on pumps with jeans, you will create a style unique in elegance and beauty.

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The color of such shoes gives a certain accent: tight-fitting jeans look unusually beautiful with beige boats, which allows you to visually lengthen the leg, make it slimmer and more attractive.


Black lacquered pumps harmonize perfectly with dark high-rise jeans.

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Slip on

Shoes without lacing and fasteners immediately won the hearts of many girls who love sports style. The thick sole gives the shoe a certain volume that does not make it heavier, does not visually cumbersome, but raises the heel, forming a gait.

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Bright textile colors allow you to use them in accordance with the setting. They are made from denim and canvas. Slip-ons made of leather painted in silver or golden color perfectly complement jeans at youth parties.

Suede upper looks quite expensive, despite the simplicity of the model.

Particularly brave girls put on these shoes decorated with fur. Such, at first glance, an absurd combination, introduces novelty into the style.

Ankle boots

They were considered demi-season shoes. But, having warmed the models from the inside, stylists recommend wearing them in the cold season. Shoes are gaining popularity due to their beauty and convenience. Ideal for dresses, skirts, trousers.

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Such a combination as ankle boots with jeans creates an ultramodern look.

The color scheme is extremely diverse. Jeans can withstand both monophonic restrained, classic colors shoes and bright models. To create shoes use leather, suede, textiles.


The material design is diverse. A fashionable direction was the combination of elongated jeans with models made by imitating the colors of predators.

Only experimenting with wardrobe items, on the advice of stylists, can you discover a new image in yourself. Shoes, combined with jeans, complemented by the right top and appropriate accessory, change not only the gait, but also makes you increase your own self-esteem.

What shoes do you prefer? Write in the comments what is the basis of your image.

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