Wardrobe for the fall: 10 things in white that must be in your closet

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Not every girl dares to wear white clothes, because white is far from practical. In a white dress there is a high probability of getting dirty, so it is suitable only for self-confident and courageous girls. Its main advantage is that it approaches both official and solemn events.

At the beginning of the last century, the white color in clothes was popular among suffragettes – women's organizations that fought for the right to vote in civil elections. He symbolized the purity of thoughts – as white as the fabric in clothes. Now many organizations for the struggle for women's rights use white as a symbol of ideology and unity.

If we talk about clothes, there is a myth that white is fat, in contrast to things of black color. This is not so, because with it you can adjust the figure. For example, to narrow wide hips, wear white trousers with black stripes, and to add volume to narrow hips, use tight-fitting white trousers. Also, white things are combined with all shades of the color palette, especially with black, gray and brown.


5 fashionable ways to wear white in the fall

This universal color should be present in the wardrobe of every girl. Especially for you, we have prepared a selection of 10 white things that must be in your closet.


A classic shirt or oversize – this element of a business wardrobe will certainly come in handy. Combine it with a pencil skirt or trousers-pipes for going to work, or with a printed skirt, jeans, shorts for a walk. The white shirt is versatile enough. One has only to undo a few top buttons and roll up the sleeves, and the casual look is ready. A shirt can also be worn without anything, as Rosie-Hunttinkton-Whiteley did at the Venice Film Festival 2019. Then the model simply supplemented it with a belt.

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A white T-shirt is a base that simply must be in your wardrobe. It is comfortable, inexpensive and fits both simple jeans and a sophisticated skirt, leather jacket or classic jacket, heels or sneakers.

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A denim jacket is the perfect solution for the warm September weather. We suggest you to sweep a classic jeans on a white jacket. It can be decorated with bright elements or unusual details. This version of a denim jacket is both fashionable and comfortable.

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Comfortable shoes can be stylish, and white sneakers are proof of that. They will suit any look, be it a dress, skirt or pants.

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This season at the peak of popularity are oversized jackets. It will decorate your image and make it more sophisticated by combining masculinity and femininity. In addition, a jacket will help warm you in cold weather.

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From white jeans and cargo trousers to flared trousers or cropped pipes, a pair of white trousers with a matching top or jacket will help create a fashionable look.

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Ankle boots

Classic shoe colors are always in trend. This applies not only to black and brown, but also to white. You might think that white shoes get dirty quickly and are not at all practical. It’s true, but how spectacular it is. In addition, it can be worn with both festive and casual clothes. Most importantly, beware of non-flying weather, otherwise your white ankle boots will quickly lose color.

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Your wardrobe must have a white dress, and not just for weddings. A white dress automatically adds an image of solemnity and is suitable for a party or birthday, or for a business meeting. It is important that it fits your figure. When choosing a white dress, pay attention to the style, cut, silhouette, applications and decorations – details will help complete the image.

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Colds are coming and need to be insulated. In addition to sweaters and cardigans, we recommend stocking up with white golf – a warm and fashionable wardrobe item for the fall.

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In men, the white color of underwear is associated with innocence, so I immediately want to conquer a girl in such underwear. In addition, white is very romantic.

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