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Instagram, YouTube, and themed forums constantly discuss the vacuum. And they not only discuss, but exponentially drag the stomach onto the camera so that it seems that there are no internal organs between the abdominal wall and the back. How do they do it and, most importantly, why? Everything is very simple – retraction of the abdomen is not only a way to get slimmer in the photo, but also exercises for the abdomen. Vacuum for weight loss is now very popular, so tells you how and why to do exercises and under what circumstances it is better to refuse it.

Why exactly the vacuum? Abdominal exercises keep your muscles toned, but unfortunately do not burn fat. But retracting the abdomen in the fight against fat is very helpful. Vacuum helps remove fat from the lower abdomen and narrow the waist.

How does vacuum exercise work?

It seems to be the most magical exercise of all that we know, but in terms of effectiveness it can compete even with the bar. After all, with the help of a vacuum, you can narrow your waist, even if you always thought that you had a wide bone. How does this happen? With the help of exercises in which the transverse abdominal muscle is involved. Anatomically, this muscle performs the function of a skeleton located along the abdomen from left to right. It is the transverse muscle that holds the peritoneum and internal organs. A trained transverse is a guarantee of a flat stomach, and a weak muscle can lead to the appearance of a stomach, even in thin women.

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And the transverse muscle is located under the oblique and rectus abdominis, which makes it the deepest muscle. Bleeding it will be useful not only for the figure, but also, first of all, for health – the transverse muscle increases the intra-abdominal pressure with tension and supports the spine.

The essence of abdominal retraction exercises is that they make the transverse muscle more elastic. Within a few weeks after the start of classes, you can notice the effect – to decrease the abdomen and waist.

Also, with the help of a vacuum in the abdomen, you will make a soft massage of the internal organs, improve blood flow, tone the muscles and form a corset.

How to make a vacuum?

The most important rule is to start the exercise only on an empty stomach.

Take a deep breath with your nose, swallow air with your mouth, and exhale forcefully through your mouth. After exhaling, press your chin to your chest and hold your breath for a deep breath. Put your hands on your knees, twist your tailbone forward and pull your stomach in. You will understand that you did the exercise correctly if the stomach itself is tightened under the ribs with a vacuum. The result will not depend on what your source. Pay attention to the fact that retraction of the abdomen should occur along the entire length of the back. The “adhering” to the back wall of the stomach will entail tension of the transverse muscle and you will definitely feel it. After a short pause, raise your chin, relax your stomach and only after that exhale. Slowly, without power. Take a calm breath.

Such an exercise must be performed five times.

Over time, when the transverse muscle will no longer be felt, even if the exercise is performed correctly, complicate it – gently push the retracted abdomen.

Vacuum Safety

Vacuum for weight loss is a good thing, but exercise should be safe. Before you start classes, make sure that you have no contraindications. To do this, check our list:

exacerbation of chronic diseases of the abdominal and pelvic region, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This list includes: esophageal hernia, gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, menstruation, pregnancy, glaucoma and increased intracranial pressure, coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension, heart failure and decompensated heart defects.

Also, you can not do this exercise for six months after operations on the anterior abdominal wall or pelvic area.

What mistakes should be avoided during vacuum?

There are three rules that everyone who exercises abdominal retraction should follow.

Do not vacuum immediately after a heavy meal. Ideal time for abdominal retraction – in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Do not exercise if you feel pain or discomfort in your stomach or intestines. By the way, krepatura is also a temporary contraindication. As much as I would not like to become slimmer faster, excessive pressure on the muscles of the press can change the menstrual cycle and the functioning of the reproductive system.

Watch your breath, it should be smooth and measured.

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