Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20: schedule

Ukrainian Fashion Week © Ukrainian fashion week

Very soon, the most fashionable trendsetters, fashion-photographers and streetstyle virtuosos will gather in the “Art Arsenal” to determine the main trends of spring 2020. Immediately after Fashion Week in Kiev, shows will begin in 4 major fashion cities of the world – New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Of course, Ukrainian designers are most interested in us and what the organizers of Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20 are going to surprise the spoiled fashion audience with.

We are ready to open the curtain and give the Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20 schedule so that you know exactly on which day it is necessary to cancel all business, dress up the latest autumn trends and run to the Art Arsenal.

Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20: schedule

Saturday, August 31

15:00 ARTEMKLIMCHUK, special space, MA 16:00 A.M.G., main catwalk 16:30 Fashion Revolution: The Future of Textiles presentation, BE SUSTAINABLE! space, MA 17:00 GUDU, special space, MA 17:30 POUSTOVIT, main catwalk 18:30 GASANOVA, main catwalk 19:00 FINCH, main catwalk 19:30 ELENA BURENINA, right wing, MA 20:00 RYBALKO & Jittєlub, main catwalk 20:30 KARAVAY, special space, MA 21:30 FROLOV, see invitation

Sunday, September 1

11:30 JEAN GRITSFELDT, see invitation 12.00 Lecture by Marina Loseva, founder of Ukrainian Fashion Education Group "BIG FOCUS: how the world will change in the new decade," right wing, MA 13:00 BOBKOVA., See invitation 13:30 Lecture by Malin Viola Wennberg, Communications Manager Mistra Future Fashion, Stockholm, Sweden, Future Fashion Industry System, right wing, MA 14:00 LAKE studio, see invitation 15:00 KATERINA KVIT / T.MOSCA, see invitation 16:00 ii, main catwalk 17 : 00 IRYNA DIL, main catwalk 17:30 KATERINA RUTMAN, main catwalk 18:00 IDOL., Art space, MA 18:30 ECCO LEATHER FACTORY PETIT together with INTERTOP project presentation, ECCO space, MA 19:00 DAFNA MAY, main catwalk 19:30 VOROZHBYT & ZEMSKOVA, main catwalk 20:30 PRZHONSKAYA, main catwalk 21:00 KIR-KHARTLEY, main catwalk 21:30 THEO, see invitation

Monday, September 2

15:00 Lecture by Marina Loseva "MODERN FASHION: main trend concepts FW20-21", special space, MA 16:00 POUSTOVIT x INTERTOP, main catwalk 16:30 DZHUS, right wing, MA 17:00 Presentation of the book by Elena Martynyuk "I want in fashion! ", Media space, MA 17:30 Panel discussion" Be Sustainable from Challenge to Reality ", BE SUSTAINABLE! space, MA 17:30 KLAPTYK fashion presentation, art space, MA 18:00 SONYA MONINA, main catwalk 18:30 SANNA ONE, main catwalk 19:00 ARUTIUNOVA, main catwalk 19:30 Fashion Film Festival Kyiv presentation, special space, MA 20:00 CHUPRINA, main catwalk 20:30 DASTISH FANTASTISH, main catwalk 21:00 ROUSSIN BY SOFIA ROUSINOVICH, right wing, MA

Tuesday September 3

16:00 Lecture by Claudia Shevelyuk, Sustainability Consultant, founder of Responsible Future Change Agency "Old Fashion Defines the Future", BE SUSTAINABLE! space, MA 17:00 LALLIER, main catwalk 17:30 SHAI SHALOM, main catwalk 18:00 LUCKY LOOK presentation, right wing, MA 18:30 JULIYA KROS, main catwalk 19:00 DARJA DONEZZ, main catwalk 19:30 MUNICIPAL Project presentation, municipal space, MA 20:00 MALVA FLOREA, main catwalk 21:00 Freedom Finance Ukraine invites you to pre-premiere screening of the film "Brilliant Couturier" with the support of Kyiv Music Film, special space, MA

Wednesday, September 4 – New Generation Day

14:00 Lecture by Fabio di Nicola, professor of IED-Istituto Europeo di Design "WEB-mod. Modern technologies: trends and opportunities", right wing, MA 16:00 Epson Digital Fashion Show, main catwalk 17:00 New Names: Q, GABA, ZIGGY OUTBURST, main catwalk 17:30 New Names: ZHARKO, KATERYNA GEYDA, SEREDA, main catwalk 18:00 GABI (MONSTRA) presentation, art space, MA 18:30 Fresh Fashion: KRISTINA LAPTSO / BENDUS, main catwalk 19: 00 Fresh Fashion: TASHA LABUNSKAYA / KO BY KOLOTIY, main catwalk 19:30 SAFE FASHION contest final show, special space, MA

We also talked about how to adjust the figure using clothes.


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