Trendy prints spring-summer 2020: the most stylish examples for those who want to be in trend

In the spring and summer, I want a lot of bright details and an incredibly beautiful colorful palette. Fashion designers have already prepared new options for women of fashion with different prints for the spring-summer 2020 season. Thanks to a wide variety of prints, you can experiment with images and create a bow for every day. In the article we’ll tell you exactly which prints will be especially relevant this season.

Floral print

Stylish solutions in a floral wardrobe are more diverse than ever. They may contain modest flowers or chic colorful prints with huge patterns. A floral theme captivated all the collections of famous fashion designers, flowers everywhere: in skirts, trousers, cardigans, dresses and coats. Such a coloring will make any lady tender and romantic.

Animal print

Animal print has long been in the top of the most popular. Ladies have a special attitude to this type of print, as they know that a thing can emphasize the merits and make the image of a real coquette. A leopard, tiger or zebra will be especially relevant this spring and summer of 2020. In addition to the usual natural colors, designers added colors to the animal print, highlighting the usual patterns in yellow, red or blue shades.

Stylish polka dot

Romantic, cute peas are gradually returning to fashion and becoming more and more popular with fashion designers and fashionistas themselves. Polka dots can be any size and color. There is a print on maxi dresses made of light fabric, business blouses and skirts of any style. Such a model can always improve the image and create the bow of a stylish and attractive woman.

Cell and strip

In any season there is a place for a cage and a strip. In the spring-summer season 2020, this print will also be present in many wardrobe items, starting with outerwear, ending with beautiful mini skirts. Most of all, at fashion shows, they display a variant of a black and white cell in various fashionable forms. Other colors will also harmoniously look on many spring and summer things. prints spring-summer 2020 photo 8

Optical drawings

If you want to plunge into the world of illusions, then it is definitely necessary to buy things with an optical print. Drawings fascinate, intrigue and give free rein to imagination. Such a print will look very elegant on light dresses with various additional inserts, in the form of flounces and additional layers in clothes. The drawings are dominated by zigzags, lines, waves, geometry and much more. Of course, you need to be able to wear such things, otherwise you can significantly increase the volume of the figure.

Tie dye

The hit of the summer season is things that are literally tied up and painted. Fashion for such a print prevailed in the 70s among the adherents of hippies, and she again returned to us this year. Previously, only bright colors were used, now fashion designers offer a print option in pastel and muted colors, thereby making things more relevant for everyday use. prints spring-summer 2020 photo 7

The spring-summer 2020 season will bring us a lot of bright colors and incredible prints. Due to the wide variety of drawings and images, it will be possible to look not only stylish, but also comfortable. It is time to think about changing gray and warm clothes and acquire new, stylish dresses and blouses in fashionable prints.

Which print do you like best? Is it easy to combine such a pattern with other clothes? Share your opinion in the comments!

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