Trendy glasses 2020: new shapes, styles and colors

Fashion is always fickle and changes every season. Something becomes a trend, and something ceases to be it. Accessories are also subject to change. For example, glasses. New forms, styles and colors in the fashion of 2020 will please with their diversity.

Oversize Points

This year, hypersize in the original frame will be in fashion. The shapes are different, ranging from a square to butterflies. As a decor, flowers, butterflies, patterns, rhinestones and much more can be used.

The positive point of hypersizing glasses is that with them you can create bright and unique images. Of the negative points – this is the correct selection by type of face. Like any other glasses, it is important to choose them correctly in shape, since the model you choose may not be suitable for everyone.

Aviator Points

Aviator glasses, which have long been known to everyone, are also popular this season. In another way they are called droplets. The classic model usually differs from others with a thin metal frame in combination with dark-colored lenses. However, this year the trend is models with bright lenses, which gives brightness and ease.

Fashion glasses 2020 photo 11

Round glasses

This model is suitable for girls with an oval or triangular face shape. The size, color of the lenses and the frame with the decor do not matter much. Absolutely everything will do.

Fashion glasses 2020 photo 3 glasses 2020 photo 10

Rectangular glasses with a plastic frame

A characteristic feature of this model is that they have a plastic frame. It can be either transparent or colored. It goes well with color lenses and oversize style. With the help of such a model of glasses, the image acquires lightness and airiness.

Ombre Lenses

The ombre technique is used not only in fabrics, manicures and makeup. She is so popular that she even reached the points. Colored or classic lenses look good in various shapes and styles. Colors can be both classic and bright.

Fashion glasses 2020 photo 9

Cat Eye Glasses

Such glasses give the face mystery and attractiveness. You can combine them with business attire or casual looks. Ombre lenses can also be found in these glasses, which will perfectly complement the image. Color remains at the choice of the girl herself.

Fashion glasses 2020 photo 2 glasses 2020 photo 3

Fashion is changing every season. It is important to keep track of her, at least to a small degree. Otherwise, you risk a large number of judgmental views.

And what model of glasses did you get in anticipation of hot days? Share with us in the comments the basis of your choice.

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