TOP 7 alkaline foods to eat every day

TOP 7 Alkaline Foods Every Day ©

No matter how much fun the cupcakes and chocolate bars bring, it is time to acknowledge the fact that we are what we eat. And it is 90% better to consist of good and wholesome food, and not products that cause acne and destroy the body from the inside.

It’s not for us to tell you how important it is to monitor your diet. Yes, even if you weigh 40 kilograms, and the metabolism works like a clock.

We already talked about the list of products that remove water from the body and advised you to lose weight on the menu that you can eat in fast food. Now it’s the turn of alkaline foods that tune the body and help keep health normal.

TOP 7 alkaline foods to eat every day

One grapefruit not only provides the daily norm of vitamin C in your body, has fat burning properties and improves metabolism, but also keeps the acid-base balance normal. Buckwheat is not without reason liked by all the fitonash of your city. Buckwheat is a good source of fiber and your youth.

Alkaline foods help celebrities look younger than their age: for example, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston. But we bet that these ladies do not eat buckwheat.

But avocados – they are definitely loved not only by celebrities, but also by all those who are not strangers to diets and healthy eating. Avocados also help keep the pH in the blood. Lentils should become your favorite dish if you are in the mood for major changes for your body. Well, or read paragraph 2, because it’s better that buckwheat did not come up with anything. Olives are great as an appetizer for wine and increase the pH in the blood. Just do not get carried away with wine, because alcohol and alkaline balance are two antonyms. No matter how you reject the healthy foods and boycott asparagus, it is she who saturates you with calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, magnesium, iron and zinc. And, yes, asparagus is an alkaline product. Strange as it may seem, not everyone likes raisins. But this is only because they do not know that it is an alkaline product that gives youth and health to the skin.

And here is a list of foods that thin the blood.


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