TOP 5 accessories for the perfect Christmas outfit

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Often, the most stylish looks are obtained from the simplest and most basic things. Accessories make it really stylish: belts, earrings, handbags and necklaces. This applies not only to everyday outfits, but also to holiday images. The simplest and most basic dress can be made an absolute hit of the party thanks to the right accents.


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Let's figure out what your image lacks and consider the indispensable stylish accessories for the holiday bow.


All girls crave an ideal hourglass figure, and if you don’t have a pronounced waist, or if you want to emphasize it, use the belt. Moreover, modern trends allow you to wear both classic leather belts and belts made of chains, ropes and other materials.

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We draw your attention to the fact that chains take the leading place in the trends of accessories 2020. You can combine them with other necklaces or wear them yourself. And for girls who find chains too coarse, we suggest wearing thin chains.

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Beautiful unusual earrings can make an image more interesting and add bohemianity to it. In addition, earrings are an accessory that you can constantly change, and thanks to them, the image will look different every time.

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Clutch bag

At the premiere of the film “Strippers”, Jennifer Lopez appeared in a yellow dress and clutch in the form of a bundle of money, decorated with Swarowski rhinestones. Undoubtedly, the image was beautiful, but we assure you that most of all the audience and the media will remember the clutch of the singer. Yes. it was to him that the main attention was focused. This fact proves how important the correct handbag is in the image and how it can transform the outfit.

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Sparkling shoes

What a festive look without glitter? And the shine does not have to be on the dress or in makeup. Sparkling shoes will decorate any outfit, even the simplest.

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Earlier, we wrote about unusual hairstyle options for the New Year 2020.


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