Top 14 tips to always look 100%

In any situation, you need to look stylish, neat and attractive; if you are poorly dressed people pay more attention to you. It is difficult to disagree with this, because the wardrobe is an important part of our image. Any mistake in it can lead to unpleasant consequences, especially when it comes to a first date or a business meeting.

We have collected for you some basic fashion rules and tricks, thanks to which, your image will always look 100% and you will attract the attention of others.

1. The middle button of the jacket should always be fastened; top button optional; bottom button never fastens

2. Do not overdo it with accessories. Three or four accessories in the same style is overkill

3. The end of the tie should extend to the line of the trouser belt or slightly cover it.

4. Miniskirt or neckline. Choose one thing. The combination of both things in one outfit looks vulgar

5. If you wear a shirt without a jacket, you do not need a tie

6. The neckline of your office blouse should not be more than 10 cm

7. If you are tucking your shirt in your pants, put on a belt

8. Between jeans with a low waist and a jacket the naked body should not look. Wear a T-shirt if necessary

9. The belt should match the color of your shoes.

10. Cut off all visible labels and tags on clothing

11. Do not overdo the print. Only two different patterns of the same color or the same pattern of different sizes can be combined in an image

12. Socks should be high enough so that bare legs are not visible under them when you are sitting.

13. When you wear a shirt, you can not fasten only 2 buttons

14. If you wear a sleeveless office blouse, your shoulders should be covered with something

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