Things that make a woman visually fuller

How often can one meet women with significant virtues, who, in the pursuit of reducing their volumes, dress up in completely absurd things. At any age and in any weight, you can look stylish and attractive.

To do this, you need to know which things make the figure visually more complete, and which slim the female figure.


Nothing is so disfiguring to a figure as things with an elastic band on a belt. Pants with elastic make the waist of women wider, adding a few centimeters in volume. If such trousers are also light in color, then in the complex this is an unacceptable nightmare.


This skirt is good for slim girls who need to visually add pounds. But if you have them superfluous, then this is the subject of the wardrobe that will disfigure your figure. The skirt will add to you visually more than one kilogram, giving the hips an unnecessary, ugly circle. Chubby women in such skirts resemble dolls-matryoshka dolls.


Black and white stripes on clothes are the trend of the season. But, remember that not all fashion trends are acceptable for all figures. They are good for thin, slender girls. Clothing in a horizontal strip can visually add a few kilograms to a figure, greatly upsetting the owner of curvaceous forms. For the opposite effect, choose clothes with vertical or diagonal stripes.


For women of plus size, in no case should you choose a fabric with large, bulky images, this complements the figure.

A medium-sized floral pattern that single-decorates the dress will magically make you slimmer.

An application in the form of a non-large drawing, elongated vertically, will add to women’s growth and reduce the circumference of the figure.


Ruffles, this is something that should not be abused by full ladies. They make the figure magnificent. Patch pockets on skirts and dresses should also be excluded. If you are a lover of pockets, then let them be hidden in the side seams on a straight pencil skirt.

Decorative zippers on products should be located exclusively in the vertical direction, this will visually stretch the figure.


Satin and leather, as well as shiny fabric look good on slender, tall girls. If you know that you have extra pounds, then it is better not to experiment with such tissues. They are perfect for decoration.


Too loose clothing visually adds extra pounds to the figure. Do not chase fashion and buy yourself fashionable things that will disfigure your figure. Knowing your strengths, demonstrate them, and do not flaunt flaws. Buy clothes of your size. In all good measure.


Too narrow clothes make you ridiculous in the eyes of others. One gets the impression of a large girl growing out of clothes. The status and elegance of a woman is given to clothes of the right size, cut and color.

It is a mistake to believe that too tight clothing can “pull” your lush forms. In addition, in this case, the linen begins to shine through and stand out through the clothes.

Knowing all the nuances of the right choice of clothes for women plus size, you can avoid the visual addition of a figure of a few kilograms. Pick things that will make you slim and young, and the weight problem will not be so acute. Think over your image to the smallest detail; everything in your appearance should be harmonious and perfect.

And how do you make your figure slimmer with the help of clothes? Share with us in the comments the secrets of your harmony.

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