The rules of life of a fitness trainer and nutritionist: Lera Korzh and Alena Poddubnaya

Rules of life of a fitness trainer and nutritionist: Lera Korzh and Alena Poddubnaya © Press Service

How long have you once again thought about the quality of your life, wanted to change something again and start all over again? So, before diving headlong into a new lifestyle, think about what he is hiding behind him and how to properly build his path to success. Today, the founders of the online school of healthy body AVQ, nutritionist Alena Poddubnaya and fitness trainer Lera Korzh, spoke about their lifestyle.

Rules of life of a fitness trainer: tells Lera Korzh

Sport has been present in my life for 20 years. Most of the time it was a professional sport. I want to share with you the basic rules that have always helped me to be in shape, even when I finished my professional career. Training is as important an event as other things. It is important to plan and write it in your schedule so that it definitely takes place. It should not be in the format "if there is time, I’ll practice." Choose the type of training that you like and is right for you. If you do not like to squat with a barbell or go to grueling crossfit training – you do not need to force yourself. Maybe yoga or swimming is right for you, or maybe yours is dancing. Pleasure is what you should get from training, then the result will delight and motivate even more. Sport is not a "seasonal sale." The body will not support a resource that you are not developing. For a healthy and beautiful body, training should be systematic. Two or three workouts per week on an ongoing basis is enough to keep the body in good shape. Food and exercise. If you want your fat cells to be burned during training, it is important to adhere to the correct time intervals. If training in the morning, then on an empty stomach, after training, breakfast after 40 min-1 hour. If during the day – 2 hours after eating, after training, eating after 40 min-1 hour. If in the evening – 2 hours after a meal, and after a workout there is no food intake. Love and praise your body. This is perhaps the most important rule! Praise yourself for every workout done, for every, even the smallest result, enjoy the process and you will see how your body begins to respond to your efforts. External and internal harmony is what it is so important to strive for!

The rules of life of a fitness trainer and nutritionist: Lera Korzh and Alena Poddubnaya Lera Korzh © Press Service

The rules of life of a nutritionist: Alena Poddubnaya

Before I begin to share any rules, let's tell you what a nutritionist is. This is a specialist in healthy nutrition and its effects on the body. Everything regarding questions – how much, when, with what to eat – is for me. My rules of life as a nutritionist are absolutely simple actions that people often don’t do simply because of ignorance. Do not cook food from spoiled foods. Pepper, which began to rot, a light mold on the bread, an apple with dark areas. Any sign of damage is a signal for disposal. Fruits, vegetables and bread have a porous structure. And if the process of decay has begun – bacteria instantly disperse throughout the product. Even if we don’t see it. Do not buy “just in case” products that you need to give up at home. Alcohol, sweets, beer snacks, fatty sauces, etc. You do not need to train your willpower in this way. If you want to give up an evening glass of wine – do not buy a bottle. Even at a super discount. With sweet the same story. Lose weight, and children love sweets? Change the rules – sweets can be once a day during a walk. Healthier will be the whole family. Eat slowly. Always. And don't even start looking for excuses. Slowly is 10 minutes to eat. You have this time. In institutions / on holidays, I have a different rule – after each bite, put in devices and chew thoroughly. And do not sit constantly at the table, if, for example, these are home gatherings of friends. The main rule is not to overeat. And, probably, the most difficult. But try to wean yourself from supplements – at home or away. And in the institution order only one dish. Eating should not leave heaviness in the stomach. The habit of eating until the desire to lie down is absolutely contrary to a healthy lifestyle and a pleasant sensation of the body. And the last thing is to comply with the regime. Breakfast lunch dinner. If necessary – a snack. Do not play hunger strikes. And there is something horrible and how lucky. If you want to see a healthy and attractive body in the mirror – take the time to eat. Plan ahead where lunch will be, take dinner with you if you work until late. And do not set the alarm 3 times in the morning – this is exactly the time you are missing for breakfast.

The rules of life of a fitness trainer and nutritionist: Lera Korzh and Alena Poddubnaya Alena Poddubnaya © Press Service

You can continue this up to a hundred. But first, introduce these simple rules into your life. They do not require much time and money. They foster respect for themselves and their bodies. They require a conscious choice of products and strong motivation. Think personally – why do you need to eat healthy? The honest answer to this question is your best pill from the desire to score for food.

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