The main lucky zodiac signs for 2020

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Very soon, the year of the White Rat will come, which promises a lot of amenities to those who know how to finish the job, work hard and show wisdom. At least, these qualities are appreciated by the Rat according to the eastern calendar.

Despite the fact that numbers 2 and 3 will bring happiness, and the correct meeting of the year can guarantee you good luck and peace for 12 months, some signs of the zodiac in 2020 will be especially lucky.

Astrologers claim that the stars will be on the side of the lucky signs of the zodiac, but they ask the lucky ones not to relax. Where the stars will be lazy, the demanding White Rat will remain dissatisfied.

So who became this lucky? Which of the zodiac signs are lucky in 2020?

The main lucky zodiac signs for 2020

The main lucky ones of 2020 by horoscope:


A lion;



Aquarius – Rejoice! Stars are favorable to you and your plans, so dream more boldly and make wishes. It’s good that the stars are not Santa Claus, which cannot be impudent. But you still have to be a good girl: get used to being calmer and do not take other people's stupidity to heart. If you master this difficult skill in 2020, the stars will generously reward you for inner harmony and balance.

Those Aquarius who have found their love should be more attentive and listen to the opinions of loved ones. They will direct thoughts in the right direction and help with the adoption of important decisions.

a lion

Lions, your year will be as beautiful and rhythmic as the dance of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray in the finale of Dirty Dancing. Feel free to rely on the support of your family and friends, they will make the representatives of the sign as focused as possible on the main goals of the year.

Lions that have an unresolved issue will finally be able to compromise and begin to breathe deeply.

If you learn to correctly formulate your “want,” they will quickly turn into reality.


Fishes can finally relax and at least postpone things. The beginning of the year will bring a lot of good news: the main problem will be solved in the work and Pisces will be able to wake up on Monday for the first time in a long time with a smile.

To make important decisions, Pisces is closer to the summer – then you will have time to recover after a difficult 2019 and begin a new stage.

As for the affairs of the heart, here Pisces also succeed. Free representatives of the sign will find new attractive features in old acquaintances and will want to settle down. Only one thing is not clear: how long will they last?

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