The law on the Ukrainian language entered into force

Law on the Ukrainian language entered into force © depositphotos

On Tuesday, July 16, the Law On Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as the State Language entered into force. A number of provisions will come into force later, but for now we offer to find out how the operation of the law will affect the Ukrainians in the near future.

Now the Ukrainian language is obligatory for use throughout the country in government and local government, as well as in public spheres of public life. Now Ukrainians should receive medical care, services in transport and public institutions in the Ukrainian language.

The law of Ukraine on languages ​​does not apply to the sphere of private communication and the performance of religious rites.


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We have already told in detail who the action of the law on the Ukrainian language will apply in the first place, but let us remind once again: do not think that now all Russian-speaking people will be pressed or restricted in any way!

A number of provisions will come into effect later:

from 2021, when obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, it will be necessary to pass an examination at the level of proficiency in the state language; from 2021 the use of the Ukrainian language in cinema, theaters and museums will be mandatory; from the beginning of 2022, the use of the Ukrainian language in national print publications will be mandatory (newspapers and magazines may be published in several language versions, one of which must be Ukrainian); From 2022, Internet publications will be required to have a Ukrainian version loaded by default.

Recall that in Ukraine they are launching a new online platform for learning the state language.


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