The image of the day: look MONATIK from FROLOV at the M1 Music Awards

MONATIK © Oleg Batrak,

Each appearance of MONATIK in public becomes in itself a real event. Whether it is incredibly complex, saturated with choreography and rhythm of the production, or its unique images with an individual sense of style, which is an example for many artists. The meeting with the multi-artist on the red carpet of the M1 Music Awards was no exception, but only once again emphasized his special status.

MONATIK appeared on the red carpet in a real work of art from the Ukrainian designer FROLOV – a custom denim jacket. Street elegance – the personal style of MONATIK, in which he skillfully combines comfort and taste.



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For his performance, the artist also chose an image from FROLOV – a jacket with an embroidered 3D heart. It is worth noting that the costumes of the dancers were worked out in detail by the brand.

MONATIK MONATIK © press service

MONATIK MONATIK © press service

This multi-artist is not the first time collaborating with Ivan Frolov. It was this Ukrainian designer who developed exclusively for MONATIK several images for his grand show at the NSC Olimpiysky.

At the award ceremony of the M1 Music Awards. Five MONATIK received 4 awards at once, among them – Best Artist, Best Clip, the most dance track for the single LOVE IT rhythm, as well as a special award from his fans – The Genius of our time. This year, the artist has already managed to collect the most prestigious awards at other award ceremonies. MONATIK was recognized as the "Triumph of the Year", the most stylish man of the year, and his performance at the NSC Olimpiysky was the most significant event of the year.

Recall that the Americans learned the songs MONATIK and sang with him on the same stage.


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