The image of the day: elegant Tina Karol in a pink pleated dress

Tina Karol © press service of the channel "Ukraine"

Outfits of Tina Karol always cause a wave of discussions on the net. On the set of the New Year’s show “Privit, 20-ti!”, Which the channel “Ukraine” will show on the evening of December 31, the pop diva appeared in a very feminine and at the same time playful way.

Channel "Ukraine" is preparing a real surprise for its viewers – a grandiose New Year show "Priv, 20!", Which will bring together 30 top Ukrainian artists. The incredible Tina Karol will congratulate Ukraine on the new decade. In the holiday show, she will perform a mix of her hits “Wabiti” and “Chinchilla”, as well as a new song “Come to life”.


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Tina Karol always carefully selects her bows. Quite often, the singer prefers seductive outfits, dresses with cutouts and cuts. However, Tina Karol chose a rather restrained pleated dress of soft pink color for filming in the New Year’s show of the Ukraine channel. The outfit of diva pops has an asymmetric cut: one shoulder covers the fabric, and due to the fact that the dress in front is shorter, it shows the slender legs of the singer.

Tina Karol Tina Karol © press service of the channel "Ukraine"

During energetic dances, the dress fluttered beautifully. Such an outfit was perfectly complemented by flickering berry-colored stilettos, earrings with stones and the singer's favorite red lipstick. As for the hairstyle, Tina preferred the elegant wrap "Hollywood wave." In this way, the singer looked luxurious. Viewers of the channel "Ukraine" will be able to see the spectacular performance of Tina Karol on New Year's Eve.

Tina Karol Tina Karol © press service of the channel "Ukraine"

Recall, the director of the festive show "Privіt, 20-tі!" became German Nenov. For each artist, the project team prepared vivid performances. Spectators are waiting for rooms using modern multimedia technologies of augmented reality, mass productions with the participation of more than fifty people. Many rooms will be very risky and even dangerous. The production of the grandiose project is being carried out by Star Media.

Tina Karol previously said if she has a relationship with Dan Balan.


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