The basic wardrobe of 2020 for ladies after 40: 15 new products and ideas

Among women, there are often times when there is absolutely nothing to wear. There is a certain base for this. In the basic wardrobe, it is customary to include those things without which it is impossible to imagine female images. It exists regardless of age. To create a basic wardrobe after 40 years, two main criteria should be taken into account: classic, and elegance.

We determine the style

There are a number of rules when choosing basic things. The first thing to determine is the direction style. The following things are always in fashion: straight trousers, pencil skirt, shirt, business suit. Elegant outfits also come here. In fact, this is the same classic, however, more feminine. Due attention should be paid to combining classics with casual items.

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Basic wardrobe. A number of essential things

For mature women aged 40-50, stylists have identified a number of things that are needed in the wardrobe. Next, let's talk about them in more detail.

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Pants should be for different occasions: for everyday wear and formal business bow. It is better to have both straight and narrowed trousers in the wardrobe. The main thing in this difficult matter is to take into account the features of the figure.

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If we talk about jeans with a very low waist, scrapes and torn models, then they are completely inappropriate. It is advisable to choose a color of dark blue and blue for different occasions and bows.

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Almost any style is appropriate here. However, discard the mini. An ideal option is a classic, such as a pencil skirt or a flared skirt to the knee.

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You will benefit from shirt dresses and sheath dresses. Too short and tight models are undesirable. It is important to include in the wardrobe and evening dresses.

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Shirts and T-Shirts

It is worth noting that the classic white color looks great. Shirts are easy to combine with other wardrobe items. The main thing is not to purchase short things. Shirts and T-shirts should choose mostly restrained colors.

Basic wardrobe 40-50 years old photo wardrobe 40-50 years old photo 5

Basic outerwear

In this case, it is most advisable to be guided by classical principles and choose semi-fitted things. The belt on the coat, emphasizing the waist, looks good. The most elegant length is the length to the knee. As for jackets, they should be just below the waist or to the middle of the thigh.

Basic wardrobe 40-50 years old photo 11 wardrobe 40-50 years old photo 10

To make an ideal image for a woman aged 40-50, it is worth paying attention to giving softness and elegance. Be inspired by our images and strive for more!

What do you think about this? Looking forward to your comments!

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