TEST: How many kidneys do you need to sell to buy the iPhone 11 Pro?

TEST: How many kidneys do you need to sell to buy the iPhone 11 Pro? © tochka.net

On Tuesday, September 10, Apple presented its new gadgets, including the long-awaited iPhone 11 Pro with three cameras and other bells and whistles. As you can guess, people with the iPhone X are very upset that they are no longer the owners of the newest and most fashionable model, and people with 5s are even more thinking about updating the smartphone.

In the United States, the iPhone 11 Pro will cost from $ 999 (about 25 thousand UAH, so much iPhone X costs now), but since we live in Ukraine, its cost will be much higher for us. But … how can you say that you do not have money for a new iPhone if you have two kidneys? The tochka.net team offers to take the test and find out how many kidneys you need to sell in order to buy the iPhone 11 Pro.


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This is important: our test is purely entertaining in nature and is not a call to action. Remember: no gadget is worth your health, and black transplantology is prohibited in Ukraine. Sometimes the pursuit of people for fashionable gadgets comes to the point of absurdity, and we tried to make fun of it.

You can also read what other gadgets Apple presented on Tuesday, September 10.


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