Have you noticed that clothes can “freshen up and age”, or can add age. Let's see what things will add you 10 years of age, if not immediately removed from your wardrobe. 10. Jacket style "bat" This model is only for thin girls. If your figure is far from the […]

It is quite difficult for women 40-50 years old to choose the ideal style of clothing, as age-related changes sometimes force them to abandon high heels and tight-fitting trousers. However, not all women, however, experience such changes before the age of 50. Some women are able to look much younger […]

After 40, the woman seems to be reborn. This is exactly the time when it is time to try on new stylish looks. Before you are the most charming bows that will make you a real lady. https://www.instagram.com/shortstoriesandskirts/https://www.instagram.com/hellovalentine/https://www.instagram.com/mint_label_/ A long tight dress will emphasize all the advantages of the figure. […]

The oversize style remains at the peak of popularity in the winter of 2019. Outerwear was no exception. The trend that has become fond of fashionistas is great for any age. Young girls and women of mature age choose OverSize because of its practicality and convenience. Loose clothes do not […]