Coats are a favorite thing in the cold season. Women over 40 should not give up this element of the wardrobe, because it gives harmony and sophistication to the image. Which coat is suitable for mature women and what to wear with it to emphasize the merits? Cape Cape […]

Overseas – a word once not familiar to many, is becoming increasingly popular among women. It is a free-cut clothing and is becoming more fashionable among young beauties and those over 40. Age no longer becomes the limit in choosing a wardrobe, so go shopping! Despite their "baggy" things of […]

French women are associated with impeccable taste, and a special style, charm and elegance are inherent only to them. One of the main rules in their style is a sense of proportion. In our article today, we will tell you what fashionable rules to adhere to a Frenchwoman, and what […]