KO BY KOLOTIY collection SS20 © Ukrainian Fashion Week Each KO by Kolotiy collection carries a certain idea, this season – psychological health issues. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves face to face with psychological problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, and so on. READ ALSO: Clothing made of wood […]

MALVA FLOREA collection SS20 © Ukrainian Fashion Week The inspiration for the spring-summer collection of the MALVA FLOREA brand was the German actress and singer Marlene Dietrich, an innovator and a strong woman who went a long way. She is a real phenomenon of her era, which managed to influence […]

ARUTIUNOVA collection SS20 © Ukrainian Fashion Week Dance became the starting point of work on the spring-summer Arutiunova collection. In it, brand founder Anna Arutyunova, multiple champion of the world championships in sports ballroom dancing, explored the topic of body freedom in dance, ease of movement and tight discipline. Dancing […]