Bags are a necessary part of the wardrobe. They serve not only to wear things. Graceful bags are an integral part of the image of any woman. There are many types of bags. They vary in size, purpose, material, decor, way of wearing. Each season dictates a certain fashionable direction […]

Winter has passed and the question on the agenda is: “Which of the outerwear will be stylish in spring?” You can create a fashionable, elegant look by studying the main fashion trends of this season. Trending models Raincoats and trench coats will be an excellent replacement for the usual lightweight […]

Monochrome manicure: 10 interesting options © Monochrome is the head of everything. Apparently, that's why everyone was so actively hooked on the 2020 trend and began to dress in monochrome images, paint themselves, choosing the best examples of monochrome makeup and, of course, beat the monochrome trend in manicure. […]

Almost all women are always happy to include fashionable news in their wardrobe. Once all women wore corsets, now they prefer to wear underwear, which does not restrict movement. Some new items are firmly entrenched in our lives, becoming a kind of classic, and some leave irrevocably. In this article, […]

Trends 2020: what to wear in the spring-summer season © A few more months, and the period of warm weather will come. Down jackets and jackets will go to the closets of the cabinets, and the time will come for flying dresses and light jackets. If you are already […]