In the cold season, it is especially important to include warm clothes in the wardrobe. The main position among them is a sweater. It gives warmth and comfort, and is also capable of translating the most interesting and practical ideas into creating an image. So, what to wear with a […]

Coats are a favorite thing in the cold season. Women over 40 should not give up this element of the wardrobe, because it gives harmony and sophistication to the image. Which coat is suitable for mature women and what to wear with it to emphasize the merits? Cape Cape […]

It seems that for modern girls there are practically no prohibitions in creating their individual image. What used to be a categorical taboo, such as, for example, shoes and a bag made of different materials, is now at the peak of popularity, but, nevertheless, in search of new trends, we […]

The red color in clothes has always been popular among women and attracted the enthusiastic looks of men. Red is the color of passion and ambition, but it is very difficult to combine. Putting on a red skirt, it is worth considering what image you want to get. Watching which […]