Shorts – a classic item of any women's wardrobe, because in the summer heat, they are the most comfortable to wear. However, many people mistakenly believe that only slender women can afford to wear shorts. In practice, this is not the case. Properly selected shorts will be able to […]

On the eve of the beginning of the summer season, every girl is faced with the problem of choosing stylish summer sandals. Moreover, this choice is quite difficult, because the shoes should not only be attractive, but comfortable to wear. Summer sandals in 2019 literally permeated with modern urban […]

Sometimes some people mistakenly believe that free-cut clothing was created in order to hide the shape flaws from others. However, the most fashionable and world-famous designers were able to break this stereotype and prove to the whole world that clothing in oversized style is an ideal choice for any […]

Finding the right style of clothing for yourself is often one of the most difficult tasks that arise before the start of each season. So, in the early summer of 2019, many women of fashion faced the question of what style would become the most successful choice this time. Thanks […]