You can look out of place not only by picking up an unsuccessful outfit. Shoes also play a large role in the image. Improperly selected shoes look not only ugly, but can also harm health. Consider a few mistakes when wearing shoes. Many girls know about these mistakes, but still […]

Who says beautiful shoes can't be comfortable? We dispel this myth thanks to super-comfortable and stylish flat shoes. The novelty came to us recently, but is already very popular with modern fashionistas. First of all, you need to know how the flatform is different – a flat platform without a […]

Winter is a time to pay attention not only to beautiful, but also to comfortable shoes. Set aside the heels to create the most comfortable bow with flat shoes. The variety of options is amazing, so now is the time for experiments. Bertsa If earlier they were worn only […]

Brand things – this is most often exactly what is in trend. But women are attracted not so much by the brand, but by the quality that this or that design house guarantees. But, unfortunately, in the modern world we very often find fake branded items, including shoes and such […]