Fashion is fleeting and volatile. Fashionable new spring-summer 2020 shoes are fundamentally different from last season. And, in order not to spoil your image with fashionable shoes (from English shoes – shoes), you must be aware of fashionable novelties. New shoe fashion trends: decor, unusual print, rejection of the classic […]

Nowadays, many girls do not particularly focus on shoes in the image. And very in vain. Wrong shoes like this can not only ruin the image, but also make your figure visually disproportionate. More often than women, this occurs in men. No need to take an example from them. After […]

You can look out of place not only by picking up an unsuccessful outfit. Shoes also play a large role in the image. Improperly selected shoes look not only ugly, but can also harm health. Consider a few mistakes when wearing shoes. Many girls know about these mistakes, but still […]