Dress is an integral element of every woman’s wardrobe. The dress with sleeves is suitable for year-round wear. In winter it warms, in the summer it protects from heat. Correctly selected sleeve style helps hide minor figure flaws. Dresses with one-piece sleeves became popular. This is a simple, versatile and […]

Fashionable and beautifully fitting jeans are one of the main elements of any girl’s wardrobe. Jeans fit perfectly in both everyday and business look. https://www.instagram.com/breekish/ Curvaceous forms are not an obstacle to look stylish in jeans, you only need to consider the features of the figure. Depending on certain parameters, […]

In the cold season, you can’t do without a hat. To maintain a stylish look, it is important to choose it correctly. First of all, it is worth starting from the shape of the face. How to choose the perfect hat? About this later in the material. instagram.com/micahgianneli/https://www.instagram.com/cheraleelyle/https://www.instagram.com/cheraleelyle/ Caps for […]

Every year, the projects of clothing designers make the public think that stylish clothes are not required to be created from expensive materials. Recently, simplicity and plainness has come into fashion. In the winter season of 2020, the trend is knitwear made of woolen and acrylic yarn. https://www.instagram.com/absolutelyairs/ Winter Knitted […]