Meeting spring: flowers in manicure 2020 © Manicure 2020 will not be a big surprise for conservatives who have long chosen their perfect design. The various prints that girls have been decorating their nails for several seasons in a row fit perfectly into the main trends of manicure 2020. […]

4 stylish 2020 turtleneck skirts © depositphotos In the program "Rank with Ukraine" on the channel "Ukraine", stylists told how to combine basic golf to get a stylish look and be in trend at the beginning of 2020. Golf or turtleneck is the basic thing in everyone’s wardrobe. Ideal for […]

6 manicures that you should try in 2020 © Manicure has long ceased to be just a coating and a way to look after yourself. Now your nails complement the image, talking about habits and character a little more than you think. For example, a love of nude manicure […]