Monochrome manicure: 10 interesting options © Monochrome is the head of everything. Apparently, that's why everyone was so actively hooked on the 2020 trend and began to dress in monochrome images, paint themselves, choosing the best examples of monochrome makeup and, of course, beat the monochrome trend in manicure. […]

Meeting spring: flowers in manicure 2020 © Manicure 2020 will not be a big surprise for conservatives who have long chosen their perfect design. The various prints that girls have been decorating their nails for several seasons in a row fit perfectly into the main trends of manicure 2020. […]

Manicure on long nails © As there are those who love Rihanna, and who cannot stand her, there are girls who love short nails, and those who cannot imagine themselves without long nails. And if we already wrote about manicure for owners of laconic length, then lovers of manicure […]

6 manicures that you should try in 2020 © Manicure has long ceased to be just a coating and a way to look after yourself. Now your nails complement the image, talking about habits and character a little more than you think. For example, a love of nude manicure […]

Glitter Christmas manicure © The closer the New Year of the White Metal Rat, the more glitter it gets around: sparkles on Christmas toys, sparkling tinsel, garlands, sequin dress and manicure. As for the latter, sparkle manicure is the easiest way to add a festive mood to the image. […]