The monotonous and gray winter finally gives way to a bright and cheerful spring. Not only the landscapes outside the window are changing, but also new looks of stylish fashionistas are appearing. Before you begin to disassemble your wardrobe and rush to shopping, lovely ladies need to find out the […]

You can create a fashionable bow by choosing only one traditional color – black. This shade speaks of a stylish and confident woman. You can combine things with any style of clothing, style and lifestyle. Despite the classics, you can come up with various bows, make a novelty in them […]

It's no secret that any color palette looks great if you use it correctly when creating your images. However, designers and stylists each season determine one color, which is a favorite of this fashion period. In the spring-summer 2020 season, the trend will be blue and all its shades. […]

Lady like style is characterized as an elegant, noble, sublime image. Jacqueline Kennedy was the first to approve this style. By mixing romantic and austere garments, you can get a sophisticated lady style. Any woman can create an image of absolute perfection. Designers when creating a lady like bow […]