Powder color is a fashionable novelty of the summer season 2019. Earlier in the summer it was decided to use brighter and more flashy colors. However, this time the designers decided to pay attention to the concise, discreet and very elegant color of powder. https://www.pinterest.ru Evening image in powdery shades […]

On the eve of the beginning of the summer season, every girl is faced with the problem of choosing stylish summer sandals. Moreover, this choice is quite difficult, because the shoes should not only be attractive, but comfortable to wear. https://www.instagram.com/walkinwonderland/ Summer sandals in 2019 literally permeated with modern urban […]

Fashionable summer images for obese women do not necessarily have to be spotted with loose robes and too dark colors. Fashion bloggers all over the world who are XXL in size prove that, on the contrary, the fitted silhouette of things and their bright colors can somewhat distract attention from […]