Legendary Red Evening Dresses by Hollywood Stars © Getty Images Red color, provided that it is correctly combined, has always been associated with luxury, elegance and a sense of style. For many years, it is considered to be the most popular and sexual tint. Not surprisingly, many Hollywood stars for […]

Catherine Deneuve © Getty Images On Tuesday, October 22, the legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve celebrates her birthday – she turned 76 years old. She is known not only for her impressive filmography and excellent acting abilities, but also for her exquisite style. Catherine Deneuve was an icon of style […]

Fashionable and stylish bag is a must-have companion for a modern woman. This wardrobe item is not only an indicator of the impeccable taste of the young lady, but also carries functional qualities. Choosing a bag as one of the main accessories takes a lot of time. The main fashion […]

5 fashionable ways to wear white in the fall in 2019 © pinterest.com White has long been a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe. A classic shirt, pullover, trousers and shoes look amazing in white. Even this fall, stylists urge not to give up white, especially if the window is sunny. […]

Rules and Techniques for Protecting Your Face from Dryness in the Cold © Getty images Heat or cold greatly affects the condition of our skin. Weather conditions require quality care and additional means of protecting our skin. And autumn-winter is an important period when you need to help your skin […]