Each girl has her favorite and beautiful dress in her wardrobe. A variety of fabrics, cut and color palette allows you to choose clothes to suit your taste and style. The spring-summer season will bring us many new dresses, extravagant, sophisticated, light and truly beautiful. Let's choose a new wardrobe […]

Owners of the fair sex always strive to look luxurious. And what helps a girl to be feminine and charming? Of course, the dress! This element of women's wardrobe is relevant since ancient times. Where did such a fashion come from? Dress as an integral element for women Wearing trousers […]

Legendary Red Evening Dresses by Hollywood Stars © Getty Images Red color, provided that it is correctly combined, has always been associated with luxury, elegance and a sense of style. For many years, it is considered to be the most popular and sexual tint. Not surprisingly, many Hollywood stars for […]