The word casual literally translates as casual or casual. It is these key qualities that determine the fashion direction. Casual style is chosen by women who like to look stylish, modern and comfortable. In fact, creating an image in this style is not quite an easy task. Many rely on […]

Each girl has her favorite and beautiful dress in her wardrobe. A variety of fabrics, cut and color palette allows you to choose clothes to suit your taste and style. The spring-summer season will bring us many new dresses, extravagant, sophisticated, light and truly beautiful. Let's choose a new wardrobe […]

Casual style is simple and comfortable. Because of its practicality, it has won the attention of millions of women around the world. Simple details, bright accents – this is what best characterizes this direction. Things that can be both inexpensive and branded fit perfectly with the casual style. At […]

It is quite difficult for women 40-50 years old to choose the ideal style of clothing, as age-related changes sometimes force them to abandon high heels and tight-fitting trousers. However, not all women, however, experience such changes before the age of 50. Some women are able to look much younger […]