Summer style lady like 2019 is easily able to add to any woman attractiveness, lightness and romance. This style of clothing appeared at the end of the last century and, as practice shows, still does not lose its relevance. He conveys the mood of the 50-60s, and the variety […]

Summer minimalism 2019 for women 40-50 years old has prepared for the representatives of the beautiful many elegant and attractive images. Designers in their new collections focused on the solidity of age and created such images, which use only expensive materials. At the same time, elements of clothing are restrained, […]

Summer business style 2019 for full gives charm, elegance and fashion. The main thing here is to choose those items of clothing that will help adjust the proportions of the figure. And today we will tell you about these items of clothing. Summer business style 2019 for full: costumes […]