T-shirts that will make the image expensive: 5 models that should be added to your wardrobe

Every woman wants to look attractive and stylish. But is it possible to accomplish these tasks by dressing in fairly casual wardrobe items, such as a T-shirt. It turns out possible. And today we will tell you about 5 T-shirts that will make your image expensive, if properly seasoned.

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T-shirt with the signature of a fashion house

Recently, at the peak of the popularity of logomania. Distinguished brands do not miss the opportunity to once again declare themselves with the help of manufactured clothing.

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That is why, if you want to make your image really expensive, get a monochrome T-shirt with the logo of a designer house. This solution will look great with any pants, including leather.

T-shirts with quality prints

Selecting the top in the store, choose the one that boasts a good color, as well as high-quality prints.


In addition, do not forget about originality and dilute the image, for example, trousers to match the print on the T-shirt. And from the additions in this set should also be present fashionable pumps, shoes that will make the image even more expensive.

White T-shirts


Like it or not, white T-shirts look very personable. They fit perfectly under any bow, regardless of the woman's age. It is appropriate to complement such a wardrobe item with an elegant skirt or trousers, as well as a jacket.

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Red T-shirts


Saturated red color makes any woman a fatal beauty. Perfectly it will work on a comfortable T-shirt. The main thing is that the material of the thing and its painting should be of high quality, it will help to look very rich and bright.

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Cropped T-shirt

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An interesting and expensive image of any lady with a shortened T-shirt. It is better to wear it with inflated jeans that will delicately accentuate your beautiful figure.

The t-shirts presented in our article will not only make the image expensive, but also help you experiment with images every day. After all, high-quality T-shirts can be added to the sets of any style. And they will work so well there.

And which image did you like best? Looking forward to your comments!

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