Summertime sadness: 5 ways to resist the autumn depression

Summertime sadness: 5 ways to resist the autumn depression ©

Autumn spleen often bothers us after a fun and warm summer. Everything is changing, the day is getting shorter, the temperature is much lower, and the first lack of any work forces is primarily due to rains and discomfort from high humidity.

To prevent the first bells of the autumn blues, it’s not enough just to choose the films that you will watch in September. It is necessary to repulse depression and bad mood before you even feel the influence of the autumn period on your life.

5 Ways to Resist Autumn Depression

Learn something new

Even from school, we are used to gaining knowledge after a long spree (summer vacation). Why not remember this glorious time and go to courses in search of useful information? Learn French, play the piano, grow succulents – the main thing is to be fun and fun!

Drink Vitamins

As soon as the sun hides behind a cloud, our skin immediately becomes sad and lonely. And the reflection in the mirror continually reminds us of what may cause our depression. Buy vitamin D and take it on a 21-day course so that the skin shines with the sun from the inside. And the summer didn’t end.

Add brightness

The reason for the bad mood may be that all brightly dressed people disappear from the city, and only dementors walk on the subway. Buy a bright raincoat or a pair of fashionable shoes for the fall of 2019 in metallic color and you will see that it has become much more pleasant to leave the house.


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Firstly, it will still help to lose weight by the summer. The next one will work out that way. Secondly, sports produce endorphins (the hormone of happiness), and this does not hurt our antidepressant course, right?

Plan your trip

It’s not necessary to go right now. Just buy tickets for next May and start building routes, looking for bars with an unusual interior through Instagram, or make friends in a new place using social networks. Be open to everything new and the adventure spirit will capture you for weeks to come! We promise.

And you promise not to mope this fall and smile a lot!

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