Summer Italian style: 18 perfect solutions for elegant ladies in 2019

Summer Italian style 2019 is the perfect solution for those ladies who honor femininity and elegance in their image. Laconic wardrobe items made from natural fabrics, most often pastel shades, are preferable here. From the wardrobe items, stylish Italians use things with an emphasis on the waist.

Summer Italian style 2019 photo 15

And most importantly – they never forget about accessories that help any lady look stunning. Today we will tell you what things you should wear this summer and how to complement them in order to create the perfect summer look in the Italian style 2019.

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Summer Italian Style 2019: Slim Fit Pants

Maximum harmony to your image will add slim pants, which can be skinny or classic. Look for white, black or pastel shades that will refresh your bow. You can wear tight-fitting pants with sleek shirts, blouses, T-shirts or T-shirts, seasoned with a jacket.

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Skirts with weightless folds

This summer, we also advise you to try stylish skirts with weightless pleats that will help you to create a chic casual or business bow. The skirt should be complemented with the same items of clothing as the fitted pants. Also here you should not forget about accessories. Italian chic to your image will give small handbags and sunglasses. If we talk about shoes, then it is worth picking up the most convenient options, Italians do not go to labutenes.

Summer Italian style 2019 photo 1

Summer Italian style 2019: tight skirts

Narrow skirts, for example, a pencil model, is also an excellent piece of clothing with which you can make an Italian-style bow.

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The main thing here is the length. Choose midi models and you will definitely not lose.

Summer Italian style 2019 photo 1 Italian style 2019 photo 4

Off Shoulder Tops

A top with open shoulders will help you to emphasize your femininity on hot days. This is a great solution not only for slim women, but even for fat women. Wearing tops with bare shoulders can be on vacation, walking with friends and even at a business meeting, if you season the top with stylish pants or a skirt with a high fit.

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Summer Italian style 2019 photo 3 Italian style 2019 photo 2

Summer Italian style 2019 photo 1

Do not forget about the dress-case. The latter is the perfect solution for women who want to look stylish and fresh.

Summer Italian style 2019 photo 13

But you can also look at shirts, sundresses with a gang cutout, which will help you create the perfect summer Italian bow 2019.

Summer Italian style 2019 photo 11

And what image did you like? Looking forward to your comments!

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