Summer fruit detox smoothie: Top 4 recipes

Summer Fruit Detox Smoothie: Top 4 Recipes ©

Losing weight by the summer is irrelevant, but losing weight in the summer is time. tо collected for you the TOP-4 recipe summer fruit detox smoothie from fruits that will help you cleanse the body.

What is a smoothie?

These are fresh fruits and vegetables, chopped in a blender. Due to the fact that the ingredients of the smoothie are not amenable to heat treatment, they do not lose their beneficial properties. But you should always remember that smoothie is not just a drink, but a liquid food. Therefore, know the measure when used. By the way, drink detox smoothies two hours after the main meal.

Morning smoothie

Lightness and cheerfulness in the morning will give a glass of smoothies. But there is one condition – first you need to drink a glass of water with lemon. This will launch metabolic processes in the body. After 20-30 minutes, you can take on a smoothie.

Daytime snack

Afternoon tea with cookies can be replaced with detox snacks. And if you want to eat before lunch, then remember that this is an excellent time for sweet fruit. More acidic options are suitable for the evening.

The most useful smoothies are sour drinks. They have a beneficial effect on the body and shift the PH level to the positive, alkaline side.

When making smoothies, remember that all ingredients must be fresh and well combined with each other.

Summer fruit detox smoothie: Top 4 recipes Summer Fruit Detox Smoothie: Top 4 Recipes ©

Three components smoothie

Liquid. Suitable water, fresh, green or herbal tea, vegetable "milk". Greenery. Here, lettuce or spinach, mint, lemon balm, parsley, rocket, dill, kale and broccoli can be used. Fruits. You can choose them to your taste.

By the way, detox smoothies can be supplemented with superfoods: flax or chia seeds, goji berries, sesame or spirulina.

For smoothies, goat milk, sugar, sugar syrup and any ready-topped toppings should not be used. For sweets, use bananas, dates, honey, maple syrup, or sweet fruits.

Why do you need a detox?

Detox is a way to detoxify the body. It consists in a fundamental change in nutrition, and the most popular programs usually contain juices and smoothies in the detox menu.

Thanks to this type of food, it is possible to save the digestive tract from overloading by mechanical processing of plant foods, and not stimulate the production of digestive juices with chewing movements. These conditions create a sparing gentle atmosphere for the digestive system. At the same time, the detox system does not cause excessive appetite. But the salads and greens that you eat on a vegetable diet, have opposite properties.

During detox, a large amount of fiber, pectin, fructose, vitamins and trace elements enters the body.

Top 4 recipes summer detox smoothies with fruit

We have collected four recipes for you that will help you to start a detox and get used to eating smoothies.

Summer fruit detox smoothie: Top 4 recipes Summer Fruit Detox Smoothie: Top 4 Recipes ©

Lemon Banana Smoothie


mineral water – 350 ml, a bunch of spinach leaves, two bananas, juice of half a lemon, one kiwi.


Wash spinach leaves. Blend the bananas, spinach, lemon juice, kiwi and mineral water in a blender until smooth.

Banana-Celery Detox Smoothie


celery stalks – two pieces, a bunch of spinach leaves, one banana, half lime juice, a glass of water.


Wash celery stalks and spinach leaves. Beat all the ingredients of the smoothie in a blender until smooth.

Apple Orange Detox Smoothie


one orange, one green apple, flax seeds or chia – one teaspoon, a bunch of greens to taste (salad, mint, lemon balm, parsley, dill).


Make a fresh orange. Peel the apple. Wash the greens. Soak the seeds in water. Blend all the ingredients.

Apple and Kiwi Detox Smoothie


a bunch of spinach leaves, five mint leaves, one orange, one apple, one kiwi.


Wash spinach leaves and other greens. Squeeze fresh orange. Peel the apple and kiwi. Put apple, kiwi and greens in a blender. Pour fruit fresh juice. Beat everything until smooth.

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