Style and luxury: leather clothes for fall 2019

Leather clothes have been at the peak of popularity for more than a dozen years, 2019 was no exception. Natural material has a very interesting structure. Images with the use of leather clothes are obtained in every possible way: from classic to completely non-standard.

The main rule is not to overdo it. Leather clothes look rich, and in excess – comical. There are many stereotypes that do not have a reasonable basis, which have developed around leather clothes.

For example: it is believed that leather pants are unacceptable to wear for women after 40 years.

Leather Cloak (Trench)

A great option for autumn weather, when frost has not yet come, and the sun is no longer warming. Depending on personal preferences and financial opportunities, you can choose clothes from natural or eco-leather.

A leather coat can be of various styles and lengths. Such a thing fits absolutely under any clothes and shoes. You can safely put on a dress and high-heeled shoes, as well as jeans with comfortable sneakers or sneakers.

Such a trench fits well in a business wardrobe. It can be safely called universal items of clothing for the autumn-spring period.

Leather shirt

A rather unexpected, at first glance, solution for the fall. However, a leather shirt is a great alternative to a jacket. For adherents of a more restrained style in clothes, but wanting to put on skin, such a shirt is the best solution for autumn. Two options are possible here. Either use it as a jacket, putting it on a T-shirt or blouse, or as a shirt, tucking it tightly into a skirt or pants.


Leather shirt dresses with a belt and a long sleeve look quite impressive.

Leather dress 2020 photo 10https://www.pinterest.ru

Leather pants in fall 2019

It can be leggings or looser cut pants. Pockets on the sides – not only stylish, but also comfortable. For leather trousers, both low-speed boots and pumps or heeled ankle boots are suitable. Both leather and suede shoes look equally stylish. At what does not matter, natural or from environmental materials.

leather trousers 2020 photo 20 trousers 2020 photo 19

Tip: it is better not to wear leather trousers in rainy or snowy weather.

leather pants 2020 photo 8 trousers 2020 photo 15 pants 2020 photo 16 pants 2020 photo 4 pants 2020 photo 11 trousers 2020 photo 10 pants 2020 photo 7 pants 2020 photo 12

In clothes, it is permissible to combine two leather elements, but it is better to choose items of clothing with different structures. For example: smooth leather and patent leather, and shoes in this case are better to choose from suede. jacket and jeans photo 17

Leather clothes greatly diversify your wardrobe. The mass of possible combinations will pleasantly surprise you. You look at your usual clothes with different eyes.

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