Sports in the big city: new sneakers Pulseboost HD from adidas

adidas Pulseboost HD © press service

We did not have time to move away from adidas sneakers printed on a 3D printer, as the brand presents a fresh new product – Pulseboost HD.

Recently, adidas is beginning to delight us with pleasant collaborations. Beyonce and Kanye West work with the brand, and adidas sneakers costumes are increasingly appearing on the Kendall and Kylie Jenner pages.

And what is the trick of new sneakers?

Pulseboost HD is the first adidas sneaker, created using the Boost HD evolutionary sole. The technology is based on a long-term study of the needs of thousands of urban runners from New York, Paris and Berlin.

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Okay. Investigated the runners and made them so that …

much more convenient to run in the city! The new technology provides even greater stability, maneuverability and comfort, which is especially important when running on asphalt. Low rise Pulseboost HD allows you to feel the surface even during an abrupt stop at a traffic light or a quick change of direction on a busy city street – these sneakers are ready for anything.

Boost HD is responsible for the return of energy, as well as a high level of stability and comfort during a running workout. Continental ™ Adaptive Traxion is a new sock technology developed by artificial intelligence. Provides maneuverability due to maximum adhesion to the surface. Adapt Knit is an innovative material used on top of the sneakers. It takes the form of a runner's foot, ensuring a perfect fit.

Running in a city is very different from running elsewhere. Cars, traffic lights and crowds of people – all this creates difficulties. We wanted to come up with something related to urban runners, their inspiration and energy. When creating Pulseboost HD, we carefully studied the position of the foot while running on the example of athletes. Then they hooked up artificial intelligence and turned to the opinions of thousands of runners. These sneakers are not just a product created by adidas, they are born of street running culture, says Sam Handy, vice president of design, adidas Running.

To emphasize the contribution of the running community, the designers placed QR code on the left running shoe — a code with the coordinates of New York, Paris, and Berlin — cities that runners took part in developing Pulseboost HD.

Motivational message

The inscription “Designed to feel the momentum of the city and the energy of the streets” is inscribed on the right sneaker tongue.

adidas Pulseboost HD adidas Pulseboost HD © press service

And how much are?

Sneakers are already available in adidas stores at a price of 4799 UAH. Be careful! They are addictive to daily runs.

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